When you get paid for work or receive payment for items or products that you sell, it all goes towards your income. Recording income is as simple as recording an expense, and vice versa.

Income screen grand tour

You access the Income screen by hitting the PLUS icon from the home screen. 

Recording your income

  1. Hit the PLUS symbol
  2. Upload or attach an invoice (see below)
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Hit TICK to save and you’re done

Attaching an invoice

There are a couple of quick ways to attach an invoice:

  1. Snap a photo
  2. Attach from third-party cloud storage

Pro tip: If you create your invoice on your computer, save them in a folder dedicated to your invoices within your chosen cloud storage. That way you can easily locate and attach them via the attachment icon in the income screen. 

Note: To connect to your cloud storage using the attach symbol, you must first have the app downloaded on your phone and be logged in to access it. If you cant see it in the list, try hitting more and switching it on. 

A close-up on the bottom navigation

View, edit or delete any previous transactions


Pro tip: Instead of hitting the stack icon, swipe right.

You can find out more on managing your expenses here

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